Digital Public Health: Scientific Symposium and 2nd Phase Opening Event

Digital Public Health: Scientific Symposium and 2nd Phase Opening Event

The LSC DiPH Scientific Symposium and 2nd Phase Opening Event, held on January 18, 2024, at the University of Bremen and the Übersee-Museum Bremen, was a landmark occasion that highlighted the exceptional strides made in the field of digital public health. 

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Prof. Dr. Hajo Zeeb and Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schüz, the esteemed speakers of the Leibniz ScienceCampus Digital Public Health Bremen.

The symposium featured a series of enlightening presentations from renowned experts. Prof. Dr. Falko Sniehotta discussed the translation of public health evidence into policy, offering insights from England and Germany. Prof. Dr. Anna Odone explored the challenges, progress, and future directions of public health digitalization in Europe, while Prof. Dr. Tanja Schultz's emphasized in her talk the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare.

A unique feature of the event was the Flashlight talks from the Early Career Researcher Academy (ECRA), showcasing the innovative work of up-and-coming researchers in the field. This segment underscored the event's commitment to fostering new talent and ideas.

The transition into the 2nd Phase of the LSC DiPH was a focal point of discussion, reflecting on the achievements of the first phase and setting a visionary path for the future. 

The evening event at the Übersee-Museum Bremen provided a splendid backdrop for further interactions and networking. Here, the Board of Directors, along with distinguished guests like Senator Ms. Kathrin Moosdorf, Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther, rector of the University of Bremen, and Dr. Bettina Böhm, Secretary General of the Leibniz Associaton, offered their insights and congratulations.

Dr. Johannes Nießen's keynote speech was a highlight, presenting his role as the head of the BZgA and the planned Prevention Institute BIPAM. The remarks from LSC DiPH partners, including Prof. Dr. Falk Hoffmann, Dr. Jochen Meyer, and Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn, added depth to the discussions, showcasing collaborative efforts across various institutions.

Throughout the event, the speakers universally praised the concept of the ECRA, which fosters collaborative research across different fields and emphasizes transfer and impact-oriented research. This approach aligns well with the overarching goals of the LSC DiPH, driving innovation and practical applications in digital public health.



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